Stephen Nasse Dominates and Wins, Ready to Ignite the Track Again

Stephen Nasse Dominates and Wins, Ready to Ignite the Track Again

Stephen Nasse Dominates and Wins, Ready to Ignite the Track Again

Sep 23, 2023

Sep 23, 2023

Sep 23, 2023

Stephen Nasse Powers to Victory, Sets Eyes on Race 2 Showdown at Five Flags Speedway

An exhilarating night unfolded at Five Flags Speedway this past Friday, where Stephen Nasse, in a collaborative effort with Anthony Campi Racing, roared to a decisive win in the American Welding Society 100 event. This victory not only solidifies Nasse's racing credentials but also adds an element of thrilling suspense to the upcoming second race of the weekend.

A Twist of Fate Brings Opportunity

Initially slated to team up with Campi for a race in July that was subsequently called off due to weather conditions, the two found their racing stars aligned this past Friday. And the result? A momentous win that has fans and pundits alike talking.

How The Victory Unfolded

Nasse proved his mettle during a critical restart on the 82nd lap, outclassing the experienced Bubba Pollard and ultimately crossing the finish line a stunning 2.6 seconds ahead. "Partnering with Anthony [Campi] has been like adding rocket fuel to an already blazing fire," Nasse commented after his impressive win. "We had some hiccups, but the end result speaks for itself."

The Turnaround of a Season

Although Stephen Nasse has been no stranger to strong performances, including a near-miss at the top spot at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway earlier this season, joining forces with Anthony Campi Racing was the missing piece to the puzzle. This win marked Nasse's triumphant return to Five Flags' winners circle for the first time since the previous year. "This collaboration was precisely the boost we needed," Nasse confidently remarked, "and we're eyeing more victories before the year is out."

What's Next: Second Race and Future Plans

As the racing community gears up for Saturday's grand finale of the ASA Southern Super Series and Deep South Cranes Blizzard Series, all eyes are keenly focused on Nasse. While it's unclear whether this winning partnership will extend into future events, one thing is certain: Nasse is hungry for more, especially at the upcoming Snowball Derby. "If I can ride with Campi Racing come Derby time, consider that trophy as good as mine," he boldly declared.

Upcoming Attractions

Attention now swivels back to Nasse, who is the man of the hour as we approach the second race. The qualifying laps are scheduled for 5 p.m. CT (6 p.m. ET), while the main event revs up at 7 p.m. CT (8 p.m. ET). If you can't join us in person at Five Flags Speedway, be sure to tune into the live broadcast on Racing America.

In the high-stakes world of racing, one thing is undebatable: Stephen Nasse has hit his stride, and Saturday's sequel promises a pulse-pounding experience that's a must-see for any racing enthusiast.

Author: Aaron Motta

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